Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EFL537: Blogger Guide

EFL537: Blogger Guide: To make sure that these appear in the top menu, go to your dashboard and click Design.  Add a Gadget  as shown below . Blogger is Google's...

Monday, October 10, 2011

My narrative paragraph

The reason why I learned to ride a bike

I didn’t know how to ride a bike until 2005.
Actually I tried to ride a bike when I was a university student . but I always failed because my fear.
One day in May 2005, during science classI tried to help my students to carry a water tank from the classroom to the bathroom, I slipped on the wet floor with the water tank in the classroom.
By the accident I fractured 3 ribs and cracked one rib
I had to stay in the hospital for 7 weeks.
After that, I promised myself to make my body stronger.
Actually I hated to move. I hated any kinds of sports.
I recognized that my balance of powers was very short.
As soon as my ribs recovered, I bought a bike. An elementary school playground nearby
I started to ride a bike. My son was holding on to me to help keep my balance. He was a middle school student, but he strongly helped me. When I tried to ride on my own, I was so afraid . I gripped the handles tightly. I fell off the bicycle many times.
Nowadays , riding a bike is my favorite sport.